Letters to the Editor

Common good

In 2016 short-bite journalism, it’s hard to be effective without details; maybe that’s why we seem so fact-ignorant: short media seldom plainly states clear facts. Stories start with controversy or graphic tales (if it bleeds, it leads). Is a candidate lying? Local papers no longer have serious local editorials, editors show little deep local history knowledge. Now, human interest stories are page one. No more Ed Murrow’s or Walter Cronkite’s.

In my lifetime we have never had top candidates who are as un-presidential as now. Whether your past preference was Reagan or Kennedy, Bush or Obama, does any present candidate measure up? How many have the morals and honesty of Jimmy Carter, even ignoring ability?

Locally, would Jefferson, or Washington have agreed with the conclusions of our recent County Charter Commission, or the tone and process of county vs. city jail negotiations, or the way our state is handling school financing?

We must not focus upon your good, or my good. We need the common good.

In various jobs over my 81-year life, bringing people together to set goals and achieve them, a key question always was, “What do we need to do together to get this done?”

Notice the “we.” That means “all of us.” We need leaders governing us who are fact-based, honest, empathetic, moral and sensible, keeping this great democracy together, moving forward into the future.

Joe Coons, Bellingham