Letters to the Editor

Warming Pacific

I just finished reading the article about how the Skagit River coho 2015 run being the worst on record due to “the blob” of warm water in the Pacific Ocean.

This is an issue that we should be paying more attention to. The warm water mass has been growing since the fall of 2013. It continues to cause issues for marine species, especially with their migration. If “the blob” continues to stay warm, we may continue to see the affect on salmon. The food supply they need to survive is moving to colder waters, which is why they are showing up much smaller and almost scrawny.

It seems to still be unclear if the warm water will, at some point, just go away. But, if the water continues to stay warm and get warmer, I am afraid to think about the huge impact it will have on the salmon and all other marine species. If the 2015 season led to such a large decrease in size, what will happen in 2016?

Kate Padavich, Bellingham