Letters to the Editor

Donkey basketball

For those who claim that donkey basketball is unsafe for the donkeys, there is a reason that the Ferndale FAA chapter goes through the legal hoops.

The donkeys used in the sport are groomed and conditioned to be around people. They are tamed, not wild. These donkeys are handled appropriately and are trained to have a person to ride them. It is the same concept of riding a horse. If the horse isn’t trained, then there are significant safety concerns to both the horse and rider.

How many in the community who are against this event have attended the event or watched a clip online? The donkeys are not abused or victims of a cruel sport. To those who are against this, why are you? Is it because you don’t like donkeys? Or is it because you didn’t care much for the sport and found someone who has the power to use to cancel the event? Could it be that you want to see organizations who use this as a fundraiser to suffer budget cuts and have them disband?

Donkey Basketball is one of the largest fundraisers for FFA and undoubtedly the most successful. In an era of school budget cuts and competing with other organizations in fund-raising, why eliminate something that is successful? Donkey basketball is popular across the country. Before jumping on the bandwagon and wanting the school district to ban the future of this sport, educate yourself.

Monica Dorman, Custer