Letters to the Editor

Email contact

Would you like to email one of the Bellingham School Board directors about an issue or a concern?

You can’t. The school board directors don’t post any email addresses on the school district’s website. Four of the five do have phone numbers listed, so if you are living in 1985, you can give them a call.

They do have a “Listening Post,” so you can send an email that in theory goes to all of them. But there is no way to communicate directly with any individual director via email.

Every other elected official in Bellingham has a personal work email address. Every one.

Seattle is eight times the size of Bellingham in population, yet all of the Seattle school board directors list a personal work email address on their website. Our school directors don’t even have their own websites. You have to wonder why these people don’t want the citizens to know more about them — and why they seem to want to hide from the citizens who might want to communicate with them by email, here in 2016.

David Marshak, Bellingham