Letters to the Editor

Mental health crisis

As a charter member of our crisis clinic board of directors in 1970, I find our current, sadly predictable and easily preventable mental health “crisis” to be... comical?

As a first wave environmental planning student at Huxley, I discovered the 1964 Comprehensive Community Mental Health Plan that included a crisis clinic and transitional half-way housing. But then Congress had to fund a war on Asia instead. By 1974, as I was nearing graduation, I suggested at a board meeting that legalizing pot would generate enough money to fund the plan. But then Congress had to fund a war on drugs instead.

Looking back, I wonder how did all those efforts to create humane planning based on public science and pure research go nowhere? When did opposing a plan, become an alternative plan? When did planning not to plan (for the public good) become the only plan? When did a bunch of Nobel prize-winning scientists become stupid and pure research become useless? Long before a billionaire running for president called our leaders “morons”! Long before Sen. McCain said, “ if it wasn’t for staffers and relatives, Congress would have a zero percent approval rating”! Apparently I’m not the only one to find this free market “government” by criminals, for criminals, that is criminal... to be comical!

John Ruth, Bellingham