Letters to the Editor

Donkey basketball

There was quite an uproar over the donkey basketball game in Ferndale this weekend.

I believe everyone supports the FFA as it’s a great way to introduce and promote the farming industry. The cause was supported; it’s just the method of filling their coffers I dispute. Putting strange shoes on their hoofs, then herding donkeys into a bright, echoing gym of yells, buzzers, horns and screams in a strange environment is scary. Having people pulling their heads, jumping on and off often, seeing how many people they can get on a donkey’s back, kicking them to move, etc. would be stressful for any animal.

The argument is “we’ve done this for years, so it’s fine” is not a valid excuse to me. I remember when we had “slave day” fundraisers in my school. The boys against the girls and the group that won got to have the other group for “slaves” all day(carrying books etc.) Times have changed and what was once accepted is now brought up for concern.

Shouldn’t adults be modeling compassion and caring for those that cannot speak and depend upon us for their protection? Kids don’t need to see adults accept scared animals as entertainment. There are roller skates, trikes, other ways to have fun and no animals need be terrified in the process. Have participants that want to be there. I support the FFA, just not the avenues used to fill its bank account. Be more compassionate, kind and caring to all of God’s creatures.

Janet Needler, Bellingham