Letters to the Editor

Justice nomination

With the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia we, the people, will get a great opportunity to see the Republican party and it’s true view of the Constitution. Leading voices of that party are challenging President Obama’s constitutional duty to nominate a replacement for Scalia’s seat. They are saying they will not consider any nomination by him. I am not an expert on the fine print of our Constitution but I am willing to bet that there is no word about a president in his last year of office not following through on his responsibilities to keep our governing institutions operating. I believe the Republicans have been trying to overturn the last two presidential elections while catering to the richest strata of our society. Let’s elect people who want to make things better for we, the people, and who want to make government work rather than just be a road block. Make note, then register and vote.

Bob Tourtelot, Bellingham