Letters to the Editor

Scalia replacement

Supreme Court Justice Scalia had only been dead a few hours before Republicans were proclaiming that President Obama should not be able to nominate his replacement because it is an election year, and his successor should be the one to do it, hopefully one of them. This is outrageous! Citizens of the United States elected Obama twice, trusting his judgment in such matters, and it is his duty and prerogative to appoint his choice to succeed Scalia! His nominee should be duly received and debated by the U.S. Senate, since there is almost a year remaining in Obama’s term, and any Court decisions resulting in a 4-4 tie go back to the appeals court system. I believe Republicans who claim to revere the Constitution are hypocrites and oppose Obama on everything, and do great harm to our country. I believe it is sick and disgraceful how Republicans have treated President Obama, and this is just another example of their toxic contempt. How are those of us who think he has done a pretty good job supposed to respect a future Republican President after this unpatriotic, disgusting behavior?

Nancy Wiebe, Ferndale