Letters to the Editor

School spending

We all know how important monies from school levies are. Just as important are the decisions made by the people we entrust to spend school dollars. Ferndale asked their community to continue these levy dollars and to trust they will be spent wisely. Of course there was a yes vote. I want to believe money will be spent wisely, and well thought decisions will be made. But I am puzzled — again. Knowing a crucial levy vote was coming up, a 70 percent no vote on a bond not long ago, and other questionable decisions — trust, transparency, communication was the goal. With this in mind, how can the decision to remodel a functioning school library in the middle of a school year be reasonable? When you realize this library is the new home of school board meetings — due to the need to move offices out of the school and into the old board room, the need for more classroom space to reduce overcrowding and moving of sixth graders to the middle school, we have to question the decision makers. Another question would be: would Vista’s library be remodeled if school board meetings were not going to be held there? Please read responses to community questions on Ferndale school’s website under school board. You will find some reasons to defend this decision, which might meet your goal of trust and transparency. I was looking for the facts I stated above, which I haven’t heard in their explanation.

Joey McAlpine, Ferndale