Letters to the Editor

Homeless concerns

Thank you to the person who lit the tent on fire in the woods next to the Grocery Outlet Store. That was a dumb thing to do. That was not good for the environment. Then you left garbage behind the tent. Yeah, I saw you from the 7th floor. I wish I would have seen your face. You would have been arrested for arson. I always have a pair of binoculars on my table.

I’m not against homeless people — just what you leave behind, like garbage, needles and human waste. You people don’t seem to think you have to clean up the area and you think you can camp out anywhere you want to along Whatcom Creek. Then you wonder why people don’t want you around.

One more thing: I don’t want to get to stuck by a needle or step on human waste left by you or see my dog hurt while I’m fly fishing Whatcom Creek.

People in Bellingham are getting tired of what is left behind. But don’t take that as being against you. People want to help you. Just show some respect for your surroundings and enjoy hearing the birds sing and seeing wild life along the stream.

Michael Kukowski, Belligham