Letters to the Editor

Cherry Point use

In a Feb. 2 email that they posted on their Facebook page, I believe the Northwest Jobs Alliance doubled down on their accusation that Lummi leaders want to de-industrialize Cherry Point. They took the step to assert this, after Lummi Planning and Public Works Interim Director Kirk Vinish made a statement to the contrary at the public hearing on the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, which job alliance leaders Brad Owens and John Huntley attended on Jan. 26. Vinish read from a Jan. 15 letter to the Whatcom County Council that clearly conveyed that the Lummi Indian Business Council supports the implementation of language in the comprehensive plan that would preserve the current uses of the Cherry Point industrial area, and would preclude new uses that could be similar to Gateway Pacific Terminal.

Please stand with people of the Lummi Nation and the many other members of our community who wish to insure that we have healthy waterways and marine habitat. Together we can help preserve a thriving way of life for many generations to come. To express your vision for a healthy Whatcom County you can submit a comment for the Whatcom County Comprehensive plan to the county council at council@co.whatcom.wa.us.

Dena Jensen, Blaine