Letters to the Editor

Supports Sanders

Please caucus for Bernie Sanders.

The primary presidential vote does not count; only the caucus does. It begins on March 26 at 10 a.m. People of Whatcom County have a great opportunity to attend the caucuses and stand up for Bernie.

I believe we are not volunteers for Bernie. We are volunteers for “we the people” and we want Bernie to represent our views for a more equitable responsible government that provides education, health and safety to all of our citizens. We cannot prevent every bad thing from happening but we can have a president who understands that we must address the real dangers to our country: climate change and the raging inequality in our society that has resulted in a shrinking middle class and a growing lower class. Bernie will use his power to make the hard changes that are fought tooth and nail by special interests and big corporations who want to continue to control and corrupt our government.

To make this historic change possible, we must attend the caucus in huge numbers. To find your precinct location go to sos.wa.gov/elections/myvote/. You must commit to staying the entire time and this may be a few hours. I hope you will agree that it is well worth it to finally get a nominee that represents us. For more information check out our local Bernie FB page: Bellingham and Whatcom County for Bernie Sanders or the website WhatcomforBernie.com.

Amy Glasser, Bellingham