Letters to the Editor

Miracle of birth

Within the past 24 hours, somewhere near here, a child has been conceived. Though normal and natural, this new being is a miracle – an astonishing new human being, already genetically complete. This tiny being immediately impacts our community.

At the moment of conception two of our neighbors instantly became a mother and a father. This couple now receives the high and holy privilege of nurturing, sustaining, and shaping this child from infancy to maturity. But they aren’t alone. New grandparents join them in their assignment. An extended network of aunts, uncles, and cousins is suddenly formed into a support team for this special individual. Other children identify as “brother” and “sister.” This unique person rearranges a whole complex of relationships throughout the community.

I believe in no sense whatsoever is this new person’s existence a matter of “choice.” I believe he or she already exists, already belongs to a family, a neighborhood, a community. In no sense is any person’s future a private matter of discussion between “a woman and her doctor.” No “discussion” is necessary. The child’s identity and worth were settled and celebrated at the miraculous – and joyous – moment life appeared. Undeniable human life and full personhood.

I believe the edicts that aim to destroy these realities constitute crimes against us all, crimes against humanity – and God.

Gary Hardaway, Lynden