Letters to the Editor

Wants candidates concerned for U.S.

Is there anyone out there? Today I read in the Bellingham Heralds’ Today in History column that in 1998 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, on NBC’s show, charged the sexual misconduct allegations about President Bill Clinton were the work of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Did she ever apologize when she found out the truth 18 year ago? Does anyone remember, and will we find out in 18 years from now, that the e-mail and Benghazi events were not a “vast right-wing conspiracy?” I also read in same paper today that Donald Trump said he will not participate in the final Republican debate because he has in “issue” with Megyn Kelly. My question is this: Is there anyone out there who cares more for this country than they care for themselves. We see candidates more interested in attacking each other than in the important issues our country faces. Is there anyone out there?

Joni van Kesteren, Ferndale