Letters to the Editor

Concerned about marijuana advertising

I want to preface this letter by stating, for the record, that I am pro-recreational legalization of marijuana. I think the short time we’ve had to study the economic impact, as well as the studies that have been done regarding the health effects, show that making marijuana available for recreational use is a win-win situation. I fully support the move and have been enjoying the benefits, personally.

It seems that while some retailers prefer low-key advertising, others have opted for methods ranging from LED signs, strobe lights, and wacky-waving inflatable arm guys to draw in customers. I noticed recently, on a drive from Bellingham to Sea-Tac Airport, that you can’t drive more than a mile down Highway 99/Aurora Avenue into Seattle without seeing a pot store advertised. I wonder if pot stores aren’t going to go the way of liquor stores in the ‘90s, viewed widely as a sign of the “class” of the neighborhood they are located in.

What I didn’t expect to see are sign wavers, on opposite sides of a busy intersection (like Iowa/James/State streets) on a Sunday afternoon advertising prices in grams and ounces for recreational marijuana. Call me sheltered, but I’m not ready to have a conversation with my 4-year-old or 7-year-old about what marijuana is. What are the laws for street level advertising in Bellingham?

Steven Hallman, Bellingham