Letters to the Editor

Questions reason for Afghan war

Is the TAPI gas pipeline the main reason behind the war in Afghanistan?

If President Obama keeps thousands of troops in Afghanistan until 2017 he will have presided over more years of war than any other president.

Afghanistan has suffered through constant war since 1979. To help Afghanistan re-build we must first stop the war. Compassion for the Afghan people should lead us to ask why our government has a war plan but no peace plan.

Afghanistan offers incredible opportunities for the coalition of the greedy. Our taxes pay for weapons for both sides through the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We pay for construction that falls apart and we have paid over $20 billion for counter-narcotics programs that haven't reduced the opium trade.

Last December, leaders of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India met in Turkmenistan to initiate the construction of the TAPI natural gas pipeline. The meeting was reported by south Asian newspapers but ignored by U.S. media. Is control of gas from central Asia the main reason that soldiers and civilians are dying? If so, that would be one of the greatest moral disasters in our history.

Bill Distler, Bellingham