Letters to the Editor

Asks Ferndale to support schools

My name is Payton Hansen. I’m a student at Windward High School and one of two student representatives on the school board for the 2015-16 school year.

Being on the board has been an amazing experience. By attending meetings and participating in events with the elected board members, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of what schools in the district are doing, and also the behind-the-scenes effort, analysis, and time put into making each day in the district one that benefits students.

Since we are approaching the end of the four-year maintenance and operation levy passed in 2012, the district is asking Ferndale citizens to vote on a replacement levy. Approximately 25 percent of district’s budget comes from local dollars collected through property taxes, and this amount will not increase if the new levy is passed.

Please know that the students in our district are very appreciative of Ferndale’s long history of support for our schools. Your tax dollars pay for music, drama, athletics, academic-related extracurricular clubs, transportation, an amazingly well-developed special education program, 27.5 percent of all classroom teacher salaries, and 66 percent of all classified staff.

Without your support, our students would miss out on so much. With times being tough for many, I ask that you take a moment to realize the good you are doing by making sure today’s students receive a great educational experience. Please vote yes for schools by Feb. 9.

Payton Hansen, Ferndale