Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Pacific trade agreement

Our country’s next trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been put together by several multi-national corporations and government negotiators dealing with Pacific Rim nations. The U.S. Congress is considering whether or not to sign on to this partnership. Though it is over 5,000 pages long, our Congress has already agreed that they may only need to give it an up or down vote without negotiating on any of the terms of the deal. I believe this is an abdication of their role as our elected representatives. They work for us! Not for multi-national corporations!

This partnership could put into place rules that say foreign corporations can bring in employees even if it will displace our workers from the jobs. These foreign workers may be paid lower wages, which will bring down wages for all. Fact Checker finds that in the long run there will be zero new jobs for us and the Center for Economic Policy Research finds that the TPP will result in only .013 percent increase in gross domestic product. Other provisions allow for foreign firms to sue the U.S. if our laws interfere with their profits including minimum wage and environmental laws! They can also sue the U.S. taxpayer for loss of expected future profits! Is this working for “we the people?” Please contact your representative and tell them to stop this corporate takeover.

Linda Schonborn, Ferndale