Letters to the Editor

Says citizens support the NRA

How did the National Rifle Association get so powerful?

I believe liberal Democrats, socialists and those who would prefer to see the banning of personal firearms in America, see the NRA as a malevolent force bent on the slaughter and maiming of our defenseless children, senior citizens and persons of color. They would also have you believe their funds flow from some limitless well of ill-gotten gains extracted from those same down-trodden and weak, too frightened and/or powerless to abate the machine that would place limitless fire power into the hands of lunatics, rapists, homicidal maniacs, rabid nine-year-olds and blacks back into chains.

The National Rifle Association is the largest and oldest membership club in the world with membership comprised of young, middle-aged and senior citizens of both sexes and of all ethnic, educational and economic backgrounds; 4.25 million members, paying their dues, trying to remain free in a dangerous world is where I believe the NRA gets it power.

There are about 8,000-firearms related murders in America each year. Last year, 35,000-plus died from drug overdose and yet we are continually urged to legalize all drug use. Are they saying more drugs will make us safer?

Interestingly, most of those cries come from the same crowd adamantly opposed to individual firearms ownership. Kinda makes a fella wonder.

Konrad Lau, Sedro Woolley