Letters to the Editor

Backs school levy to support community

While attending a simple small-town dual wrestling match, I witnessed what I treasure most about where I live. This high school match was Blaine-vs-hometown, Ferndale. Both teams have top coaching, amazing athletes, great fans and a legendary rivalry, but in the scope of world events, this would not result in a letter to the editor.

That night the wrestlers were competitive, and alumni were celebrated. Fifty years of wrestling in Whatcom County was present, including a three-time state champion and a Ferndale female alumni. Between the JV and varsity matches, the youth wrestling clubs of Blaine and the Ferndale Force, held an exhibition. Nearly 40 kids, ages 4-13 wrestled against a well-matched partner. Even as a grandmother of three competitors, I wouldn’t generate a letter.

Looking across the packed gym, however, I witnessed it! “It.” The sense of community. A sense that people living here; families, friends, teachers, business leaders and coaches care about our youth! I love that feeling in Whatcom County! A feeling born by believing kids and schools matter.

Please keep that feeling alive. Support your local school district’s levy. Without your vote, our sports, arts and musical programs go unfunded, and our community begins to erode. We suffer, and more importantly our children never experience the feeling of our caring communities. Vote yes Feb. 9!

Lisa Lockwood, Ferndale