Letters to the Editor

Wants mental illness recognized as illness

Whether you fall on the left side of the political ideological scale, or all the way on the right side, you most likely have an opinion on gun control. People on the right will claim that we need “better mental health care.” And people on the left will claim that we need to “restrict and regulate guns.”

I believe this issue is little harder to solve than just restricting gun access and dumping money into our mental health services. We do need better mental health care, but not in the way people think. I believe we need to reevaluate how we look at mental illness as a society. This issue goes far deeper than just lack of funding.

We as a society have yet to accept the reality that mental illness is just like any other illness. When someone gets sick, people tend to regurgitate sentiments like “I hope you feel better.” Why is it that when an individual is depressed they suffer in their own silence?

There is a screaming match going on between Democrats and Republicans about what’s the best course of action. All the while, people will continually slip through the cracks. I believe this issue can be solved with the simple power of our own personal mindset. When we can accept the fact that sometimes people get mentally ill and they need to let their mind heal; we can all begin to heal. Mental illness is like any other ailment of the body, it’s time we start treating it like that.

Rebekah Moreno, Bellingham