Letters to the Editor

Says terminal aids job opportunities

In Northwest Washington, a healthy economy is important.

That’s why I’m supporting the Gateway Pacific Terminal project: I believe it will create family wage jobs to bolster our economy and will be developed in a responsible way, that’s important to us locals. The Cherry Point project and projects like it are examples of responsible growth with environmental stewardship. The environmental plans for Gateway include designs that meet, or exceed, the state’s strict standards; including fully enclosed conveyors and wharf materials constructed to minimize water shading, and protect important herring spawning habitat. Gateway has also addressed concerns of possible dust by including rigorous procedures such as below-deck transfers and state-of-the-art dust suppression systems.

I believe the terminal provides our region with a vital trade gateway, and not just for coal. Investment from Wyoming and Montana provide the opportunity, but Washington agriculture and exporters will benefit, creating a prosperous future for our families. As a long-time business owner, active community member, and president of the Whatcom County Farm Bureau, I believe we must nurture healthy infrastructure for trade and exports to thrive. This can be accomplished alongside environmental responsibility, securing the time-honored values of Whatcom families while securing jobs and investment for our state.

Debbie VanderVeen, Everson