Letters to the Editor

Concerned about Cruz’s philosophies

The U.S. Congress, masters of insight and efficiency, are pushing ahead with new legislation focused on investigating and monitoring Canada as a potential exporter of — terrorists!

I commend this effort, as I believe we have definitive proof that at least one Canadian has entered this country with plans to not just destroy the United States — but the entire planet.

His name is Ted Cruz, and he was born in Alberta, Canada.

Like that other infamous foreign terrorist Osama Bin Laden, I believe Cruz sees shutting down the U.S. government as a justified tactic to achieve his political ends. But unlike Bin Laden, I believe Cruz’s twisted ideology is guiding him to target all life on Earth due to an embrace of fossil fuels and a denunciation of climate change, which the Texas senator and presidential candidate has denounced as “religion,” and not based on science.

Cruz, who has benefited financially from ties to the fossil fuel industry, is a climate change skeptic who believes that scientists who report on climate change are part of a massive global conspiracy to deceive the public by falsifying records.

Although not personally a scientist, nor one engaged in research or scholarship, Cruz presumably knows better than the 97 percent of all scientists who don’t just accept that climate change is real — but are convinced that it is being caused by human activity.

I believe Cruz’s fellow Republicans are right — Canada has produced a genuine terrorist threat. Too bad he slipped in right under their noses, and now has significant number of voters following him to the march off the cliff.

Carlos Montage