Letters to the Editor

Dislikes President’s Pacific trade deal

The latest in a string of what I find to be nasty trade deals is finalized and published. It’s called the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership.

I believe it is not “free” and is not about trade. Without any access to this document for the past several years of negotiations our representatives and the people now have less than 90 days to read it, comment and vote on it. Because the President was granted authority to make this deal without any input, the congress cannot suggest even one change. Up or down! That’s it.

I believe most of this TPP “free” trade deal is not about trade and it is not “free,” except to the largest global corporations who were in on every step of the deal, helping to write it. Is there any doubt about who will be favored in this deal? While people are promised a “better” deal than earlier trade deals, this evidence has not been found. It reads a lot like the old deals – bad for working people, bad for food safety, bad for our access to affordable life-saving medicines, bad for our Internet access, overriding local laws, derailing climate talks, privatizing everything. This names a few ways I believe this latest trade deal will hurt the American people.

Rep. Larsen is holding a town hall meeting to listen to us about this trade deal on Friday, Nov. 13, 5:30 – 7 p.m. at Bellingham City Hall, 210 Lottie Street. Let your voice be heard. There is not much time left.

Ronna Loerch