Letters to the Editor

Supports Prop. 9 for equal representation

The upcoming election presents the voters of Whatcom County with many choices for the future. One of the most important choices on the ballot, I believe, is Prop. 9. A yes vote on Prop. 9 would give Whatcom County five voting districts with a County Council member being elected from each of the five districts. I believe this will ensure fair and equal representation for everyone in the county. There would also be two “at large” council members elected from anywhere in the county, making a total of seven County Council positions.

I hope you will join me in voting yes on Prop. 9 for fair and equal representation in Whatcom County. We should all have a voice on our County Council.

When you go to vote you will see that the ballot has many initiatives and propositions as well as candidates running for county office. Please take the time to vote all the way down to the end of the ballot. Even though this is not a presidential election year, there are many important issues that need to be decided and the only way to have your position known is to vote on all of the measures.

Please, get informed and vote.

Linda Schonborn