Letters to the Editor

Says Briscoe backs maritime business

Have you ever met someone that just seemed so sensible, thoughtful, grounded, intelligent and forthright that you wished you could vote for them for public office? If only they’d run!

I believe I met just such a person recently — Bobby Briscoe, and he’s running for Port Commission. I’m excited to vote for Bobby in the November election.

Bobby Briscoe is a commercial fisherman. That alone gives him real-world experience about how ports work, and don’t work, that we landlubbers will never have.

Think about what it takes to be a successful fishing boat captain, making a living at it for four decades. You have to master hundreds of different skills, make judgments that risk everything, and be totally accountable for the choices you make. You have to be smart, agile, tough-minded, absent of ego. That’s Bobby Briscoe.

Someone Bobby worked with over the decades told me that at first he wasn’t sure about supporting Bobby, because he didn’t know anything about Bobby’s politics. But then he realized politics didn’t matter, because he believed Bobby has all the right qualities, as I’ve described above, to make a great port commissioner.

Bobby’s goal for the port is to create the family-wage jobs this county lacks, by focusing the port on its core responsibility — the infrastructure that supports sea-going trade and maritime business.

Join me in voting for Bobby Briscoe for port commission.

Natalie McClendon