Letters to the Editor

Trusts Mutchler for support of families

As a resident of Ferndale who attended Ferndale schools while growing up I have seen a lot of changes in Ferndale. It was not that many years ago that we had a junkyard where the Ferndale Haggen and associated businesses are now located. This is just one of many changes that have occurred in Ferndale over the years. We have been so fortunate to have many changes that have improved the family friendly lifestyle of Ferndale while maintaining the small community feel that we love.

I believe Jon Mutchler cares most about families and individuals. I have observed him greeting warmly members of our community that were in the greatest need and not even of the capacity to vote long before he became a candidate for local government. He continues to be that same compassionate individual today.

Jon’s family reflects positively for Ferndale. I am glad they are a part of Ferndale. I am also glad to count Jon a friend in the community that I trust to act with the best interest of all Ferndale residents.

Anyone who knows Jon knows he is about the community as a whole. That means families, Individuals and those who support our community in the form of small business. Jon has been fiscally conservative while still supporting needful projects that benefit the community we love. I trust Jon Mutchler to continue that work as Mayor of Ferndale.

Mick Jolly