Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Kershner’s council voting record

I find it interesting that Kathy Kershner’s election signs read “ you deserve a voice.” Apparently that means if you are a large corporation trying to get a conditional use permit to convert hundreds of acres of forestry land to gravel mining.

I remember watching the County Council hearing where citizen after citizen voiced their concerns about having such a huge gravel mine in the neighborhood. Noise, dust, proximity to the river and damage to the sensitive aquifer were some of the many valid reasons of concern. When people look for land to buy it’s common to use the zoning as an indicator about who will be your neighbors and what kind of impacts to expect. Forestry and large-scale gravel mining are two completely different animals. I believe Kathy disregarded the citizens concerns and voted in favor of the zoning change. Fortunately she was in a minority and Concrete Northwest lost their bid to get the zoning changed for their convenience.

When voting, keep in mind that I believe Kathy Kirsher has shown that she will align herself with big-moneyed interests rather than neighborhood concerns.

Michael Savatgy