Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Watson’s vote to sell park

I vote regularly. I used to believe that was enough. I have never been personally involved in a political campaign. This time, it is not enough. I believe the mayoral race in Ferndale is crucial to all this year. Jon Mutchler is the candidate I believe will look out for all. I am an unabashed Democrat. Jon has never made any declaration of party preference, as it should be. Jon’s actions have been non-partisan. He looks out for all. I believe people who say he is beholden to special interests are wrong. Campaign contributions were made by Ferndale families and small businesses hoping to have someone who will listen to them and protect their quality of life. I’ve witnessed what I believe to be the absolute lack of regard for that from his opponent. Watson voted against the others to raze our neighborhood park— a place where kids play daily and overworked adults take a breath.

Jon was the only one to alert us to the pending destruction of our park, personally delivering a letter before it was sold to developers for fast cash. Council hadn’t properly funded another project, and I believe looked for a quick fix. We rallied. Watson was the only one to still vote for destruction. Hard to swallow that someone I believe so callous could have such influence over our lives. Jon Mutchler cares for all and has decades of experience. I ask you to vote for Jon.

Kristi Egtvedt Somers