Letters to the Editor

Candidate denies support from ‘big business’

Ferndale voters deserve the truth but I believe they won’t get it from Watson supporter and candidate Keith Olson. In two letters Olson claims I’m supported by 10 “big land developers,” using the phrase six times.

Ten? He can’t name one unless he calls our Chihuahua’s Restaurant a “giant national restaurant chain.”

Small businesses are supporting me. They trust Mutchler to carry forward a “We’re open for business” ethos here. They provide the services and homes we want, pay the lion’s share of taxes, and create jobs.

Keith’s so-called “big land developers” are a handful of mom-and-pop builders. They may build an occasional four-plex or develop an acre of land.

One supporter (who is proposing condos and offices next to City Hall) gave $25,000 to the new library at a benefit hosted in my home.

“Big land developers” (like the one that may bring in a “box store” near I-5) don’t call me. For one, I led the council in adopting the highest impact fees in Whatcom County at that location to protect Ferndale’s streets and our quality of life. Watson didn’t support that plan, without which big development could still come without paying for the necessary street improvements.

You can vote for the candidate who’s earned the trust of Ferndale family businesses or one who’s supported by Olson.

Jon Mutchler