Letters to the Editor

Backs Donovan, Sidhu for County Council

I hope I can convince Bellingham and Whatcom County voters to vote for Todd Donovan and Satpal Sidhu for County Council. I used to think the most important election was for president. Over many years I have discovered that local representatives have far more impact on your life than national or state representatives. What kind of community do you want to live in and have your children and grandchildren grow up in? Do you want them to live in a congested area with housing developments and mini malls? I believe we need to keep cities compact and not sprawling into rural areas. We need to keep strong, healthy agriculture areas. We need clean jobs, good schools and a community we are proud to call home. We need a healthy environment for our children and their children. I believe neither Todd nor Satpal's opponents will give you any of the above.

If you live in Bellingham you might think the County Council has no impact on your lives. They do. They have the final vote on many of the things that make Bellingham Bellingham. So vote!

If you want to keep Whatcom County a place you are proud of, I believe you should vote for Satpal Sidhu and Todd Donovan and vote no on district-only voting. I believe you should be able to vote for everyone that represents you, not just the person in your district, and vote to have five districts instead of just three for more county-wide equality. Just make sure you vote!

Donna Macomber