Letters to the Editor

Supports Mutchler for business understanding

I am stunned that a supporter of Cathy Watson is criticizing mayoral candidate Jon Mutchler because a few of us who build homes in Ferndale support him.

Most people don’t realize the layers of government, codes and expenses we go through before we put the first shovel in the ground or hang a 2 x 4.

Those $22,000-$28,000 in permit, impact and hookup fees we pay the city of Ferndale? We actually don’t. We add that to the cost of the home, pass them along to the buyer, or we don’t build. And that’s when home prices go up. Less inventory, more demand and higher prices like they have in Bellingham.

I am proud to support Jon Mutchler. I’ve known him for 30 years and he gets it. He’s built two family homes and volunteered to help 37 families over the last dozen years build their first homes (with the Whatom/Skagit self-help home program). To me that’s having skin in the game.

He understands both sides of the permit counter. And I don’t think any council member knows the codes better than Jon.

I build homes. Nice ones, and most are very affordable. I like doing it. But anti-homebuilder attitudes cause short- and long-term harm to a community.

Yes, I support Jon. He isn’t the “big land developer” candidate. Jon is the affordable housing and local small family business candidate. I believe he’s looking out for you.

More important than ever, vote for Jon.

Daniel VanWeerdhuizen