Letters to the Editor

Supports Prop. 9 as inclusive idea

A letter writer recently wrote about living, very self-sufficiently, “35 minutes away by car” from his inner Meridian business. That’s commendable, evoking our republic’s early years of property rights, free markets and small governments, but now rare. The capitalism he advocates is now corporate and global. Key decisions are made far more than 35 minutes away.

In this new world, governments are legitimate agents shaping these decisions and balancing their impacts on private interests and the public good. And the best republics evolve toward democracies, where voting rights expand participation in and access to law-making and governance.

Would he agree with me that corporations are not people, money should not saturate politics, and voting rights should expand, not contract? If not, there really is more than a five mile distance between the county Republicans’ office facing north on Bakerview and the Democrats’ near the Bay-Holly corner.

The writer recently wrote: “Voting by district makes sense to me because city dwellers and Bellingham voters make no sense at all.” But I believe most local Democrats seek to balance urban and rural interests, and none oppose county people except those who insist on the absolute (or nearly so) sovereignty of both private property and (now not so) free markets.

Therefore, I’ll vote for inclusive, locally empowering governance through Proposition 9’s balance of five “local” County Council electorates with 2 “at large,” and candidates Todd Donovan (teacher) and Satpal Sidhu (rural businessman) for County Council, and Bobby Briscoe (commercial fisherman) for port commission.

Milt Krieger