Letters to the Editor

Back Watson for Ferndale mayor

We moved from Colorado to Ferndale last year and have been pleasantly surprised by the respectful political dialogue we have encountered in Whatcom County. We have also been most impressed by Cathy Watson. We believe she has engaged with the community in an inspiring and non-partisan manner, demonstrating that it is possible to run for office in a way that is responsive to the entire community and not beholden to any one party or special interest. We attended a discussion with Cathy several weeks back and were so impressed with her problem solving skills, capacity to listen to others, and her passion and commitment to making Ferndale an even better place to live and work that we offered her a campaign contribution. We found out that Cathy does not take campaign contributions and desires to serve independent of any special interests. That, and the fact that the majority of current council members support her candidacy, speaks volumes about her integrity and ability to “play well with others” (works well with other elected officials.) After reviewing Cathy’s website (cathywatson.us) and talking to others in the community who know of her extensive volunteer service, we are supporting Cathy Watson for mayor of Ferndale.

Rod and Sharie Schofield