Letters to the Editor

Happy Everson banned recreational pot sales

Congratulations to the Everson City Council for banning recreational pot businesses. Amidst all the legalization hoopla is the often-overlooked concern that it can be extremely harmful — especially to youth.

We’re not fuddy-duddies. We survived the ‘60s in San Francisco, personally seeing and experiencing the harmful effects of marijuana and some of the drugs it led to. Yet, those were nothing compared to the hybrid BC Bud, hash oil, etc. now unleashed. Their high THC content makes them much more hallucinogenic.

Richard, who has a B.S. in biology, has worked in the mental health field for 23 years, mainly in psychiatric crisis centers. He has continually seen devastating effects of marijuana.

An online Science News article reports that Michele Leonhart, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, in Congressional testimony in 2012, portrayed “marijuana as a dangerous addictive drug on par with methamphetamine or heroin.” Like other drugs cordoned off by her agency to a list called Schedule I, she said, “marijuana has no medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Long-term scientific studies in Europe show that heavy marijuana use is a strong contributing factor to mental breakdown, especially among young people.

Everson’s action puts to shame other cities for allowing what we believe to be a terrible embrace of the drug culture for fun and profit.

Richard and Linda Nathan

Maple Falls