Letters to the Editor

Supports Watson as collaborative

Divisiveness and polarization are everywhere – in our world, country, state and city. I believe we can help to make our community more unified by electing Cathy Watson as mayor of Ferndale. Her collaborative leadership style brings people together. As a non-partisan, she listens attentively and respectfully to all sides. She brings people of diverse backgrounds together to accomplish more as a team than each could do alone. As a former NASA scientist, she is trained to be a problem solver. Serving on the city council, she is aware of the issues facing our city. I believe she will always work with all constituents of our community to find the best solution for any problem, being willing to pursue new, creative ideas and explore grant resources. Being retired, she will be devoting her focus, time and energy to the causes and well-being of Ferndale. Ferndale is a great place in which to live. Let’s make it even better by electing Cathy Watson to be Ferndale’s next mayor.

Linda Petrasek