Letters to the Editor

Backs Watson for Ferndale mayor

Cathy Watson does not have an excessive number of “vote for me” signs along our roadways and in our neighborhoods. She has completely self-financed her campaign. Has not accepted donations. She is only obligated to the citizens of Ferndale and not special interest groups or businesses. I believe she does far exceeds her opponent in every other way, however. I believe her experience, integrity, leadership skills, education, and her ability and desire to work with others to make Ferndale the best little city makes her the outstanding candidate. Both candidates are city council members but only Cathy has the endorsement of the majority of those members. She was selected by the council to serve as their mayor pro tem after only serving two years on council. Her opponent had been on the council for four years at that time. She is endorsed by the Teamsters Union which represents more than half of the city staff. They have found her to be level headed and honest. I believe she sees and hears what is on the minds of our citizens and is always trying to find solutions. That is why she was selected as Ferndale’s 2014 volunteer of the year. I have known Cathy for six years and have first-hand experience with her dedication to this community. I believe she is the best equipped to handle the challenges of this community and guide us through our growing pains. Visit cathywatson.us.

Judi Berick