Letters to the Editor

Would build wall against ignorance

I like to think of Democrats as champions of an even playing field. Working-class people spend what they have and stimulate the economy. The super-rich tends to invest in complicated schemes that I believe have winners on top and losers in the working class (think real estate crash).

Most Democrats and Republicans would like each other on a personal level. We are a vibrant and innovative country, an amalgam of many different cultures.

But I am boycotting the Republican debates. Conservative columnist David Brooks describes today’s Republican Party, “It is one thing to think the Democratic policies are wrong. It is another to betray the essential American faith and take a reactionary attitude toward life. This is an attitude that sours the tongue, offends the eye, and freezes the heart.” Enough is enough. I believe more gun control is needed. Global warming is real. Everything Obama does isn’t wrong. Obamacare is helping and will improve if given the chance.

Politics is now a boxing match as we ponder who has the best punch. Issues matter! I find Donald Trump is a suit-and-tie metaphor of the gun-slinging cowboy. I belive his popularity is showing us an ugly side of ourselves. Would you trust him with your retirement fund (Social Security)?

Think about the original occupants of this land. Consider how we stole their land and that we now fear immigrants. We do need to build a wall, but it should be against ignorance.

Harvey Schwartz