Letters to the Editor

Says Mutchler listens to volunteers

I am a volunteer serving on the Ferndale Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board and as such I donate time to meet, discuss and advise the city on how to improve our parks and trails with limited city resources.

We met for months to advise the city on how to move forward with the parks district proposal “Proposition 1” on your ballot this year. In a slim vote the city council rejected significant parts of our proposal. Following that vote, council member Jon Mutchler reached out to us and invited us back to council to share mutual concerns. So we came to speak at the next meeting, at his and the mayor’s invitation.

I felt attacked, insulted and bullied by council members Cathy Watson, Keith Olson and Paul Ingram because we dared to challenge the decisions of council. I believe nearly everyone in the room was embarrassed by the actions of these members and many said so afterward. Don’t take our word, you can judge for yourself. We invite you to hear from council members yourself at the CityofFerndale.org. At the City Council section, look under past meeting audio recordings Feb 2, 2015. Start listening around minute 50.

You will see why I believe supporting Jon Mutchler for mayor and Teresa Taylor for council, seat 4, is the right choice. Please join me in supporting people who will listen to volunteers.

Cleo Callen