Letters to the Editor

Backs Watson for service

It is time to return sanity to local politics. Common sense seems to be missing in the electoral process. I won’t vote for someone just because a political party tells me I should, or I see a sign with someone’s name on it? We have “non-partisan” positions, yet we have candidates for them who seek endorsements by political parties. I’m tired of candidates who ask me for donations, instead of telling me what their positions and priorities are.

That is why I support Cathy Watson for mayor of Ferndale. She is the only candidate who believes in herself enough to finance her own campaign. She is the only candidate who is supported by the majority of her peers on the city council, the people who have worked with her in governing our city and who selected her mayor pro tem.

When she realized the children in Ferndale needed a safe place to grow and learn in the summer, Cathy obtained a grant to start a Children’s Summer Theater Camp.

I believe Cathy has always been a responsible steward of taxpayers’ money. She understands the difficulties people face trying to get by on increasingly lower wages and higher costs of living. She knows how to spend money carefully and responsibly, yet get the most value for the citizen’s dollar, and she never forgets it is the citizen’s money she is spending.

Cathy has already given so much to Ferndale and I want to give her an opportunity to do even more.

Bill Pate