Letters to the Editor

Supports Watson’s commitment to serve

Fellow veterans, first responders and all public service members, Jon Mutchler says in his personal statement in the 2015 Voters Guide that he “has skin in the game.” I wonder what game he thinks he is playing? Public service is not a game and our tax dollars are not a benevolence fund for him to spend as he sees fit.

To infer that Cathy Watson’s public and military service is not as important as his political successes when he never signed the “blank check” to “support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” I believe is insulting to all veterans, first responders and public service members. That oath does not have a termination date, it is a lifetime commitment, and I believe Cathy Watson takes that oath seriously, and although she will take another oath as mayor, that oath is redundant to the one she has already taken and lives by.

I encourage all fellow veterans, first responders and public service members to show your support of serving our country by voting for Cathy Watson for mayor.

Gene Goldsmith