Letters to the Editor

Says Watson has earned respect, vote

You know, I am honestly just tired of politicians.

I have no time to even think about politicians who are wrapped up in themselves and their political ambitions. I don’t care how many babies they’ve kissed, nor do I care if they have more yard signs than anyone else on this planet. In this election I’m looking for proven public servants who are willing to brave public office in order to serve their community.

I believe Cathy Watson is one of those proven public servants and I am glad that she is running for mayor of Ferndale. It seems like if there is something going on in Ferndale, Cathy Watson is involved. In fact, her dedication to Ferndale earned her the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year award for 2014.

Cathy’s hard work and dedication has also earned her the respect of her fellow council members, the majority of which have already endorsed her run for mayor.

If you want an intelligent, hardworking and capable mayor in Ferndale, I believe you should vote for Cathy Watson.

Garin Wallace