Letters to the Editor

Wants bike lane plans reconsidered

I am writing to express my objections to the plan to put Holly Street on a road diet in order to install bike lanes.

While I voted for the Transportation Benefit District tax, I did not vote to put Bellingham on a never-ending road diet. I voted to send the City Council a message that it is their core responsibility to maintain streets in good working order, not to eliminate them in a growing city.

What’s going to happen as the waterfront develops and attracts more users? I see more congestion, gridlock and pollution.

Bike lanes do not belong on main arterials; I believe they belong on adjacent streets in order to avoid creating more voter frustration and anger toward bikers.

Let’s face facts: bike lanes nationwide have proven to be underutilized in direct proportion to the increased number of cars they displace. Locally, all we have to do as look around as we drive and note the absence of any meaningful number of bikers on the road.

City council is responsible for making wise decisions on how to use Transportation Benefit District tax dollars: this means wisely balancing the traffic needs of all users. Specifically, repaving arterial roads on-time, and putting bike lanes on adjacent streets.

Please say no to a Holly street road diet – put the bike lanes somewhere else.

Robert Gray