Letters to the Editor

Supports Watson for Ferndale mayor

I believe Ferndale has the opportunity to elect an outstanding mayor in Cathy Watson. Cathy has been an active member of the Ferndale community since she retired here. In her term on the City Council she has won the respect of her fellow council members through her hard work examining the issues, respectful manners and calm demeanor. She is fiscally moderate, looking at all the needs of the city and what benefits the most people, including our low-income citizens. One of her tasks on the council is to be liaison to the Ferndale Community Service Cooperative, the umbrella group of the small charities including the Community Meal, the Other Bank, the Holiday Giving Store, the Clothing Bank and the Resource Center itself. Cathy could have just stopped by to check in occasionally, but she has attended board meetings and helped with the hard work of grant writing to keep the center open. Cathy is very generous with her time and the personnel and budgeting skills she learned managing research teams at NASA. I believe Ferndale needs a full-time mayor and will vote for Cathy Watson.

Louisa Underwood