Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with support for Canadian border wall

According to a new national poll, more than 40 percent of Americans now supports the idea of building a wall along the 5,000-mile border with Canada.

How this would be accomplished is uncertain, but perhaps, as was the case with the bridge from Detroit to Windsor (Ontario, Canada), we might ask the Canadians to pay for it since we’re broke.

Hopefully the border wall won’t be too tall, as that might serve as a barrier for Canadians seeking to throw their money over the top and into the U.S.–as Canadians are the largest source of foreign revenue for Americans.

Oh, and when constructing the wall, the Americans should make sure that it has sufficient openings for pipelines, rail lines and trucks, as Canada is the single largest supplier of energy to the U.S.

The U.S. farms that “feed the world” are also dependent on Canada for potassium chloride (used to make fertilizer). Canada is the main U.S. supplier of lumber and a host of goods and resources.

Lastly, I would hope that the wall not be endowed with any special ability to block sources of information about life in Canada, as there’s much I believe Americans might learn about the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system, sensible gun control, and a national character that welcomes all, whether they be tourists, business people or immigrants with open arms instead of walls of ignorance, fear and malice.

Douglas Ogg