Letters to the Editor

Credits Mutchler with saving park

Let’s vote for a mayor who will reach out, inform, and keep your interests in mind. I believe Jon Mutchler is that type of leader. My neighborhood has personally witnessed his commitment to these qualities.

Last October the city came within three days of voting to declare a beautiful, developed city park “surplus” so they could sell it to developers. Contrary to what they had been told, Horizon View Park is a beautiful, city-maintained, and well-loved park. When Jon discovered the facts he decided the city should inform the local residents what they were about to lose, even though the city wasn’t required to do so. He personally hand-delivered the notice to affected neighbors.

By informing our neighborhood about the city’s plans, Jon demonstrated a genuine concern for the average, hard-working folks who were about to lose one of their neighborhood’s most cherished assets. It gave all of us the opportunity to address the council at the 11th hour. We did and most of them listened, except one.

Cathy Watson was the only council member to oppose the motion to dismiss the matter of selling the park. Our cherished park is a quality of life issue she chose to disregard. As it turned out, the sale of the park was completely unnecessary anyway. Vote for someone who respects your wishes, not for someone who will dismiss them.

Darin Somers