Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Kershner’s record

I am really disappointed in Kathy Kershner. In 2010, while on County Council, she voted to cut funding for both domestic violence services and for Whatcom County’s food banks. I believe these kinds of votes don’t represent the values of most people in Whatcom County and I believe are a significant part of why Whatcom County elected someone else at the end of her first term.

She is now running again, and in August her opponent brought up these votes and she accused him of misrepresenting her record. On Sept. 9, the Washington Public Disclosure found that there was no evidence the statements were false. Kathy should own up to her record; most people would forgive her if she did (after all, everyone else on council at the time voted to fund the domestic violence services, so her vote didn’t change the outcome). The fact that she hasn’t apologized and continues to deny that it was a mistake suggests a lack of maturity and responsibility that I expect in anyone I would vote for.

Dylan Richardson