Letters to the Editor

Suggests drivers support cyclists

It is with mixed amusement and chagrin that I read letters about the money “wasted” on bike markings and ill will towards cyclists in general. Drivers distracted by the “graffiti” should perhaps reconsider driving in metropolitan areas as these markings are increasingly the norm. Demonizing us all based on the behavior of a few is not fair. On this basis I could call all drivers unsafe, distracted, failing to stop at crosswalks, turning without regard for pedestrians or walk signals.

Bike-friendly cities appeal to educated professionals like myself whose presence generates revenue and jobs for the local economy. I and most of the riders I encounter on our way to work are taxpayers. As bikers we make less impact on the city infrastructure, do not contribute to pollution and don’t use parking spaces. In high-density areas you should thank us when you find parking.

We are neither cars nor pedestrians and since the average car weighs 3,221pounds cyclists are at the mercy of everything out there. In any collision, regardless of fault, the cyclist looses. My rules of cycling are; don’t get hit; don’t hit anyone/thing; ride like you’re invisible. Sorry in advance if I startle you by darting across a street in traffic or you did not hear me say “bike back, on your left” as I pass you on the side walk or one of our many wonderful paths.

Andris Radvany