Letters to the Editor

Says Watson is best choice for Ferndale

n making my choice to support a candidate for mayor of Ferndale, I look for someone who demonstrates, at the heart of all they do, a commitment to community. I believe Cathy Watson is that person. Cathy has absolutely demonstrated her commitment to building, supporting and leading with community in mind. As a Ferndale City Council member Cathy worked tirelessly to see through the building of our new, beautiful library. She serves as a member of the Ferndale Arts Commission and on the Service Cooperative Board, two vital community building bodies in Ferndale. This year, Cathy’s grant writing efforts resulted in a grant that funded a summer youth arts program, from which 56 Ferndale youth benefited. Cathy’s community building is both visioning work and boots-on-the ground work that enhances the lives of citizens in our city.

Additionally, her extensive management experience in military and agencies like NASA speak to her ability to run complex teams and projects, a skill crucial for the governing of a city. Coupled with her community focus, I believe Cathy is the best choice for the next Mayor of Ferndale.

Sara O’Connor