Letters to the Editor

Support Watson for mayor of Ferndale

We believe we live in a time when extreme partisan politics create such gridlock at all levels of government that effective solutions to modern issues prove impossible to achieve. We find it refreshing, then, that Cathy Watson respects that the mayor of Ferndale is a non-partisan position. She chooses to finance her own campaign and does not seek support from any political party. Therefore, as mayor, Cathy would be beholden to no party ideology or special interest group.

We are pleased to support Cathy Watson for mayor. Cathy has devoted her life to public service. From the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy Reserve, NASA experiment manager and mission control as well as many local community service activities, she works tirelessly to safeguard and improve the lives and opportunities for all citizens. In recognition of her extensive community involvement the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce named Cathy the 2014 Volunteer of the Year.

We believe Cathy Watson is a trusted leader who can bring together people of diverse backgrounds to accomplish great things. Her collaborative leadership style led the politically diverse City Council to select her as mayor pro tempore. Further, a majority of council members have endorsed Cathy’s candidacy.

We encourage you to visit www.cathywatson.us to learn more about Cathy and her vision for our city and then join us in casting our votes for Cathy Watson, Ferndale mayor.

Ann and Roger Quiggle